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Professionally staged homes sell almost twice as fast and for 20% more than non-staged homes, according to When you partner with Design Buzz, you'll be amazed by how fast and easy it is to take advantange of the power of staging. We can stage every room in your house with our inventory, create a look by mixing in your own furniture or just stage a few areas. It's all up to you. 

Check out our before and after gallery, learn about our services and reach out today for a free on-site quote. Call Lisa at (513) 760-9403.







Occupied or vacant? It's up to you!

We can stage your home for market at any point in your timeline. Need to move on to your new home before this one sells? No need to leave behind furnishings for staging (unless you prefer it). Do you plan to keep living in your home while it's shown to potential buyers? We can develop a staging design that will allow you to keep comfortably living in your space. The Design Buzz team works to find the best solutions tailored for each unique property we stage. 


Walk and Talk



We can help you create a DIY stage. We’ll take a look at the space with you to develop an easy-to-follow staging plan using your own furniture and decor elements.


Partial Stage


A partial stage can give you a selling edge for a smaller financial investment. Here, Design Buzz elevates your space with carefully curated art, accessories and selected furnishings placed in strategic areas buyers value most.


Full Service Stage


Let Design Buzz create a cohesive design sure to attract internet browsing buyers and knock the socks off open house guests. We provide the furnishings and decor elements to best fit your space while meeting the tastes of the modern homebuyer.

our team

Meet The Design Buzz Team


Lisa Parker

Lisa founded Design Buzz in 2018. The company has quickly evovlved into one of Greater Cincinnati's leading home staging providers, helping homeowners from all over the tristate prepare their homes for market. 

Our team works together as a family and your trusted home staging partner. We can't wait to help you navigate your home selling journey.


Michelle Adams

"Design has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember," Michelle says. "Now, I am able to take my life-long passion and assist individuals to create wonderful spaces in the work every day, and I couldn't be happier! I am so excited to be a part of the an incredible team at Design Buzz, a company with great, moral values and the dedication to helping others." 


Valerie Carroll

Valerie is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for interior design. She says, “I have always had an eye for design and love to help people. I truly believe that the work at Design Buzz offers me a chance to do work that I truly love alongside such a great team.


William Poser

William says "working with Lisa and the Design Buzz team gives me an outlet to be creative and active.  Being able to see projects completed and working to help people get the most out of their homes is very rewarding, and I really like that we all work as a team to accomplish our projects."



Design Buzz Home Staging Client Janelle Sprandel

Design Buzz Home Staging Client Janelle Sprandel
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Design Buzz Home Staging Client Janelle Sprandel

Design Buzz Home Staging Client Janelle Sprandel

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Design Buzz Home Staging Client Donna Sundin

Design Buzz Home Staging Client Donna Sundin

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Design Buzz Home Staging Client Amy Vilardo

Design Buzz Home Staging Client Amy Vilardo

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