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"Ecdysis" - 2019

"Only one rule: do not speak to them."


"I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and her team for any real estate staging needs.  She has also worked with some of my buyer clients to personalize and dress up their home after purchase."

"We just got back to see the magic you performed with your team. The staging looks fantastic. You have changed a plain setting into a warm, vibrant  and comfortable humble abode. My wife loved your creativity and now for the 1st time recognizes the value of a reputable home interior designer. 5 stars for you and your team."



"I will only recommend Lisa to my clients. Design Buzz transforms a home into a comfortable beautiful property. Lisa is worth every penny you will spend and she is lovely, ethical and TALENTED!!"

IMG_5802 2.JPG

"Our experience with Design Buzz and Lisa Parker was outstanding! From the first consultation, through the entire staging and selling process, she has been absolutely amazing. She is incredibly talented, and completely transformed our home. We highly recommend Design Buzz!"

Stage Today.
Sell Tomorrow.

Ready to bring in more offers and higher bids? Text me! (513) 760-9403

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