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Having your home professionally staged can provide a great return on your bigger investment.

Your current home is a reflection of you and your family for as long as you have lived there.  
When selling your home we need to take a different approach so buyers can envision themselves living and enjoying  life in a new space.

I can help you create a neutral, inviting space so you can sell your home quickly so you can move on to your new adventures.

Room Makeover

Design Buzz can update, enhance, or completely redesign any room in your home or office. I specialize in utilizing design elements you already have in a new way whenever possible to help reduce cost and increase efficiency. 


Downsizing can present unique design challenges. We can work with you to make good use of existing furniture and help you figure out what to keep, what to repurpose, and how to make the most of your new, smaller space.

Art Selection

Revive your space with new art, or give your existing new art pieces new life with better placement. Design Buzz can help you select art accents that will enhance your space.


Less clutter means less stress. Design Buzz can help you choose which items to keep and organize, which items to repurpose, and which items need a new home.

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